Postdoctoral fellows: please send your CV and a statement of why you are interested in the lab to [email protected]

We seek trainees who are passionate about advancing the mechanistic understanding of immune system organization and function in health and disease, including infectious disease, autoimmune disease and cancer.  This includes individuals with interests broadly related to cell migration, antibody responses, lymphoid organ biology, mucosal immunology, intercellular communication, cell engineering, cancer immunology, and intravital microscopy. As well as wet-bench researchers, we are seeking individuals with computational biology training who are interested in a position at the interface of computational biology and immunology for projects involving analysis of large datasets (including single cell RNAseq data and 4-dimensional datasets of cell dynamics in tissues).

Graduate students: Graduate students cannot be directly accepted into the lab. You must first be accepted by a UCSF graduate program such as the Biomedical Sciences program. See details here:  bms.ucsf.edu

Undergraduates: please send a brief description of previous research experience and an unofficial transcript to [email protected]